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About N+1

November 2, 2005

Anyone who’s looking for something good to read should seek out (and it might involve some seeking) N+1 magazine, which is a newish literary/general interest magazine/journal published by some people out here in Brooklyn. It was featured in the Times Magazine several weeks back along with the Believer, which if you’ll just direct your eyes to the right on this page, you’ll see the link for. The Believer is of course fantastic, though lately it’s been getting a bit extra-esoteric – to its detriment, I think. N+1, on the other hand, is still clever and entertaining and enlightening while maintaining its tie to reality and things that matter out in the real world, like dating, Radiohead, and independent film. Also probably more, but I’m not done with the issue yet. Their website is: I don’t know how to do hyperlinks, or I would.

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