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Spring’s tipping point

February 28, 2007

Every year spring comes and I feel like I’m winning a prize for a contest I didn’t enter.

That’s a gift, man; April’s not the cruelest month—or at least it all depends on one’s perspective. At any rate, I’m psyched for the upcoming seasons. My analysts are predicting good things.

But so: anybody in NYC looking for stuff to do this summer? We get older and busier and scheduling becomes necessity. Here are some ideas:

Catch a game on Coney Island, with the amusement park as whimsical backdrop

See Shakespeare performed in the park, with blinking planes flying over

See a show in one of New York’s great pools, built by the WPA in the ’30s

More TK.

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  1. Thoughtlaced permalink
    March 1, 2007 6:23 pm

    These are all good ideas that have appeared on my wish list for three years without ever happening…well, OK, I did see Agora at McCarrein pool last year, but it was great and would love to see it again….keep me in the loop. -Carl

  2. Spoooon permalink
    March 5, 2007 11:30 pm

    Dude I’ll catch a game with ya.

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