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Yes, I’m Writing about The Onion Again

November 6, 2008

The Onion, as usual, really nailed it with this one:

Kobe Bryant Scores 25 In Holy Shit We Elected A Black President

It’s brilliantly written, how it bleeds back and forth between reportage of the game and awestruck commentary about Obama’s win. And it accurately conveys a real sort of national mindset of, well, “holy shit”—Just like they (The Onion) did after 9/11. Several of the pieces they wrote in response to that day had an undercurrent of sadness, fear, and disbelief. One was about a woman baking an American flag cake because she didn’t know what else to do—and the tone was perfect: They were mocking her somewhat, because what use is making a flag cake?—But they were also sympathizing, expressing a helpless fellow-feeling and throwing-up-of-the-hands. Read it here.

And finally, just a clip from the Kobe Bryant Obama article:

The 2008 league MVP was solid on the defensive end of the court as well, holding Clippers guard Baron Davis to just 12 points and when they called Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida for Obama, basically ensuring victory, that was a moment in which all Americans, regardless of race, creed, color, or party affiliation had to stand back and say, “Holy shit, this is actually going to happen. Holy shit…. Holy shit. Holy shit! Holy shit!”

Then at the end it just totally breaks down, and The Onion writer is writing directly to us about his or her personal experience on election night. It’s really beautiful.

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