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The Color Purple

November 12, 2008

At the Republican Governors’ Conference today in Miami, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who was considered as Senator John McCain’s running mate, said the following about the future of the G.O.P. (these quotes were pulled from this New York Times story):

One perspective is, the Republicans lost their way. There will be calls, and voices across the country for Republicans to return to traditional conservative approaches in almost all respects.

A second viewpoint will be the country’s changing a lot. The country is changing culturally, demographically, technologically, economically, and the like. And the Republican Party isn’t changing in a way that reflects those major, or macro changes across the country.

I think this latter statement is reflected in the following map from this website, which adjusts the traditional red-blue state map by population size and also factors in, using the color purple, gradations in Democratic and Republican voting:

It looks like a thin spiderweb of red stretched across a blue and purple country, refuting the assertion that this is a center-right nation. As Pawlenty said, the demographics of these United States are changing, and I think that’s a good thing—not just for the Democratic party, but for America as a whole.

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