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The Obamas + Where the Wild Things Are

March 26, 2009

This is a great story in the Times about the Obamas getting out in Washington, going to basketball games, restaurants, parts of the city not often visited by former presidents. Of course, theories are put forth as to why they are doing this—Is it just because that’s how they are, or is it for political capital? I, for one, would like to believe it’s just how the Obamas are; they’ve always lived in cities—Why wouldn’t they want to get out and enjoy one of America’s greatest metropolises?

At any rate, it’s a cute article. I just really like that family.

Another thing I really like: The trailer for this fall’s live-action Where the Wild Things Are movie, which was just released and is available in a variety of formats here. The trailer uses what sounds like a different version of a great Arcade Fire song, “Wake Up,” and, though it (the trailer) gets a little bit “In a world where… ,” I am confident the movie will be much weirder than it looks. Why? Because it’s directed by Spike Jonze, of Being John Malkovich fame, and the big main monster is “played” by (his movements and facial expressions were recorded, and then digitally transferred onto the monster—or at least I think that’s how it went, according to a friend of mine who did some camera work for the film) James Gandolfini, aka Tony Soprano, who is a supremely weird and complex actor. I want to go see him in this new play on Broadway, God of Carnage, which just got a killer review (scroll down to the jump in the middle of the page) this week in The New Yorker.

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