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Another Few Things I Do at M&C

October 9, 2009

I also write news stories. The following (click on the image below) is again from the October issue. It’s about legislation that Senators Harry Reid and Bill Nelson introduced to prevent “resort cities” from being blacklisted by government meeting planners. I very nearly got to speak to Sen. Reid for this story, which would have been exciting! As it happened, we ended up not being able to connect on the phone, though he (or his office) sent me answers to my questions (as you’ll see in the story).

Look Inside >> 
October 2009

Finally, a couple of months ago a very smart colleague of mine left the magazine for law school. After he left, I took over M&C‘s front-of-book “Short Cuts” section (tagline: “Off-beat and on-target”). What this means is that every month I come up with story ideas for the section (I also solicit ideas from the rest of the editorial team), pitch them to my executive editor, assign out the stories (including several to myself, usually), and edit everything as it comes in.

At the end of the day, it’s a nice-looking package, and I’m proud to be at its helm. Click through the image below and, after you’re finished with the first page, click “Next” (up at the top left of your browser window) to see the remaining two pages of Short Cuts. (I wrote the “A Class Act” and “Green Enough to Eat” stories.)

Look Inside >> 
October 2009

I also wrote the “Profiles in Sustainability” feature (you’ll find it listed in the left-hand-side navigation frame), which is about the greenest association conferences in North America. According to the Green Meetings Industry Council, these include the American Institute of Architects, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the Canadian Medical Association.

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