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Long Time No See

November 12, 2010

But I got a lot of problems with you people!  And now, you’re going to hear about them.

What follows are probably the four more mystifying and disheartening paragraphs I’ve ever read, from a story in today’s Times about chain stores coming to Williamsburg — including, and this was especially depressing news to me, probably a Starbucks taking the place of the Bagel Store on Bedford and N. 3rd:

Shari Lind, who maneuvered a baby stroller occupied by her son Sawyer out the doors of Duane Reade, said she was elated by the chain’s presence. “Please, can you bring in Dunkin’ Donuts too,” she said. “I also want a Bank of America.”

A newcomer to Williamsburg from Manhattan, Ms. Lind said she found the neighborhood to be very inconvenient. Many of the chic stores refuse to take credit cards. And, she said, the quaint gourmet coffee shops charge too much. She said she sent an e-mail to Food Emporium imploring the company to open a supermarket in Williamsburg.

“For some reason,” she said of her neighbors, “they don’t want corporate stores. They don’t want convenience.”

Ms. Lind, on maternity leave from her job at Victoria Secret’s headquarters, said she wanted to move back to the Upper West Side.

Just, wow.  Wow.

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